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Property Management

Are you a property manager, realtor, or private customer? Partner with Paragon to make the turnover process smooth and hassle-free. With Paragon at work, moving day will be a breeze.

Paragon Cleaning Service

Keep Your Property Clean And Safe

We will make your apartment complex tidy and dirt-free. Our cleaning process is exhaustive and meticulous.

We make sure to deep clean all common areas, hallways, and laundry areas. We will also employ our proven carpet cleaning method to deep-clean any carpeted areas. After we work our magic, the overall image of your apartment complex will be enhanced.

Paragon Cleaning Service

Move-In Move-Out Cleaning

We specialize in move-in move-out cleaning. When the previous tenants vacate an apartment and it needs to be in tip top shape for the incoming tenants – we are the ones you want to call.

When we do something – we do it right. Whether you are the previous tenants, the new tenants, or the apartment manager, our cleaning skills will make your life much easier.


Paragon Cleaning Service

Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic disinfection employs cutting edge technology to efficiently and safely disinfect any areas that need to be germ-free.

An electrostatic machine adds a positive charge to the sanitizing agent, causing the disinfectant to coat and fully adhere to any material it is sprayed on – which has a negative charge. This enables the sanitizing solution to successfully disinfect the area.

3 electrostatic applications are included in our commercial package! If you have an office, workspace, or any commercial area that needs to be sanitized, contact Paragon so that we can use our advanced disinfection system to swiftly render your commercial space germ-free.

House Cleaning

Has your home seen better days? Don't fret! We have one-time and scheduled cleaning services at affordable prices. At Paragon, our goal is to completely remove the burden of house-cleaning from your shoulders.

Carpet Cleaning

Do you miss that fluffy carpet you used to have? Paragon will deep-clean your carpet and get rid of unsightly stains, restoring the comfy and elegant carpet you once had. Get ready to revel in that plush carpet once again.

Commercial Cleaning

A healthy and clean workplace leads to healthy and productive workers. Increase your employee productivity and your attractiveness to potential customers by maintaining an immaculate and hygienic workplace.

Property Management

We work with individual customers, property managers, realtors, and construction companies to thoroughly clean properties and make them hygienic and habitable. Find out about our thorough move-in move-out cleaning protocol.

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Okay I need to give a shout-out to this amazing business. I hired these guys for a cleaning in my basement and bedroom and their PROFESSIONALISM blew me away! However that's not the best part...A small business that I am sure is struggling like every other business out there gave me a huge discount for being a healthcare worker...WOW just wow. You have my customer service for life and I will pass your name on to as many people I know!!

Sara Short

I love this company!! They are really responsible, I never had a bad experience with them and I love they way the carpet and the Restaurant ended up smelling so fresh!!

Torres Monica