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Disinfection, stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and scheduled home and office cleaning. You name it – we can clean it! Using only non-toxic cleaners, our trained professionals will transform your home or workplace into a healthy and immaculate environment.

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We Don’t Take Shortcuts

Unlike many in this industry we actually like what we do, and we’re proud of how well we clean. That’s why we NEVER look for the easy way out. We come to do a job, and we make sure to do it fully.

We Do Things Right The First Time

Sometimes it’s almost easier to just clean things yourself, rather than wasting your breath talking to people who won’t listen. That’s where we differ from the average cleaning company. We eliminate frustration and save you time and energy by getting things done precisely and accurately the FIRST time.

No Stress, No Mess

We go the extra mile to make sure your experience with us is stress-free. We require a supervisor to be on-site at ALL times to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all loose ends are tied up. Before leaving your home we also are careful do a final once-over to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Our Cleaning Services

Paragon Cleaning Service

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We enjoy what we do, and it shows in our work. It goes without saying that we don’t try to take the easy way out, we don’t cut corners and we don’t look for loopholes. When you hire us to clean your home or workplace, we listen to what your cleaning needs are and we do our utmost to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the outcome.

Electrostatic disinfection available upon request.

Go green! We offer chemical-free cleaning upon request.

Want 100% odorless cleaning? We've got you covered!

Donate Any Outgrown Clothes

Sit down with your kids and examine every piece of clothing they own. If you notice any pieces they have either outgrown or never wear, donate them to your local homeless shelter if they are wearable pieces of clothing.

You can even check out your own closet and do the same. Now you and your kids have more storage space for clothing you actually wear, as well as a lighter laundry load.

Establish A Shoe Area

As we enter different seasons, the flooring in your home can get damaged due to outdoor dirt and debris being tracked around the home. Take a few minutes with your kids to set up a designated shoe area. You can even get creative and make a shoe sign.

If you have tile or hardwood flooring, run a rug along the floor of the shoe area. This rug will collect all the dirt from the shoes in your shoe area.

Make Chores Fun with Chore Time

If you make cleaning the house fun, more kids wouldn’t be so hesitant to help clean! Establish a cleaning routine - this includes setting up a clean up time, making a list of everything that needs to be done, and your creative way of getting everyone involved in cleaning.

Here’s an idea: you can write each chore on a piece of paper, slip it in a jar, and get the kids to draw their own chores. Turn it up a notch with some groovy tunes! Cleaning in a quiet house isn't fun.

Soak The Dishes

Before you serve dinner, fill up your kitchen sink with hot soapy water. Have everyone scrape any excess food into the garbage, then place their plate in the sink to soak once they are done eating. The idea here is to make sure you don’t have a pile of dirty dishes on the counter to tend to once everyone is done eating.

Since the dishes are already in the water, you finish cleaning the kitchen a little quicker.

Baby Steps Can Go A Long Way

Most of the tips listed here are simple and fun to get the whole family involved in.

With everyone working as one, you can enjoy the upcoming school year in a home that’s now easier to keep in mint condition.

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